Dylan Bluth

Engineering Futures Scholar

In his first year at Arizona State, not only did Dylan Bluth maintain a 4.0 GPA, but the rising sophomore invented a new kind of shoe for the flat-footed, as well as a brush designed to treat skin infections.

“I really enjoy math and science classes and solving puzzles, I felt like engineering fit my style or way of thinking the best,” Bluth said. 

As a Tuscon native, Bluth’s father and grandparents attended University of Arizona. But when deciding where he wanted to go to college, Bluth found that ASU was where he belonged.

“I went to ASU mainly because I saw advantages to Barrett that I didn’t see in my hometown. I felt like Barrett has an edge over UofA’s honors college,” Bluth said. In addition to the honors college, Bluth found copious opportunities within Engineering Futures and Education at Work. 

Bluth has received generous amounts of tuition assistance for his GPA and involvement at ASU. He said that if there was one thing he wishes he knew as a freshman, it would be the Engineering Futures program and the opportunities within it. 

“I think I ended up applying the day before the application was due because of an email sent by a professor with the subject line in all caps that said, ‘extremely important please apply.’” Bluth said that he’s never regretted applying.

Bluth is paying for his own education, so he takes every opportunity for resume enhancment and tuition assistance.

“I have to work harder than most people so that I can succeed,” Bluth said. “For incoming students in a similar position, speak to the people at the financial aid office and business services regularly. Look into Engineering Futures and Education at Work–Both of these are amazing opportunities that offer tuition assistance and have helped me immensely.”

Most importantly, Bluth says you need to “work hard and just have fun.”

By Danya Gainor, Science and Technology Writer, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
August 4, 2020