Weston Preecs

Engineering Futures Scholar

3-D printing, playing Minecraft, and learning code for fun were just some of the things rising sophomore Weston Preecs enjoyed doing in his free time through high school. These hobbies, combined with the influence of his family and friends, inspired his decision to study materials science and engineering at ASU.

Most of my role models all work in career paths or have hobbies directly tied to the field.  My dad is always working on cars and teaching me, my brother has picked up woodworking, one of my family friends’ machines airplane parts,” he said. “I know I chose engineering because I love the ease of interacting with your work.”

In his first year alone, Preecs joined Materials Advantage, Engineering Futures, an intramural sport, and worked his very first job on ASU’s campus. He said these experiences have helped him make new friends and discover his passions and opportunities within engineering.

When deciding where to go to college, Preecs said that he admired ASU for their diversity in programs and students, affordability, and location. At the close of his freshman year, he was more than satisfied with his decision.

“ASU had all that I hoped for in academics and all that I wished for on the social side…I’ve met so many great people at ASU.”

To succeed at ASU, in engineering or otherwise, Preecs provided two secrets to success: initiative and confidence.

“The more effort I put in, the more my grades and knowledge would reflect that…There (isn’t) the safety net of teachers checking your grades and keeping up with you. You have to be much more responsible for yourself than before,” he said. 

Freshmen should care about themselves more than anyone else, Preecs added. 

“You shouldn’t stress what you wear, whether you’d look dumb if you ask a question, etc.  College is a safe place to give up fears about what others think about you.”

By Danya Gainor, Science and Technology Writer, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
July 18, 2020