Zachary Plitzuweit

Engineering Futures Scholar

Zachary Plitzuweit is a rising sophomore studying mechanical engineering and a second-generation Arizona State student. He said he chose ASU for its engineering program and proximity to family.

“ASU is also full of opportunities. The clubs and organizations on campus are numerous and easy to find,” Plitzuweit said. “Sports clubs are something I have been looking into and they are also very easy to become a part of, and Greek Life has presented itself before me as well.”

Apart from his studies, sports and Greek Life, Plitzuweit also works nearly 30 hours a week. He describes balancing his responsibilities as “stressful and difficult to manage time.”

However, Plitzuweit succeeds through his hard work and by remembering why he chose engineering in the first place.

“I chose engineering because I have always loved to build things,” he said. “And I especially love to design them my way. That is what I will get to do for a living.”

A professional goal that keeps him focused and persist is to design advanced technologies such as sensors that will be useful in autonomous vehicles. He would eventually like to be known for something he has invented that will impact the world in a positive manner.

By Danya Gainor, Science and Technology Writer, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
August 13, 2020